Saturday, August 28, 2010


I visit Haggard & Halloo nearly every day because it's one of the few poetry sites that publishes things I like. I also submit poems to them regularly because of this and sometimes they use my work, which is always cool.

About two or three Saturday nights ago, I had one of those evenings in which the words just fell out of my fingers and onto the page. One of the poems I wrote that night is called "Decisions Decisions." The next morning I re-read it and liked it enough to submit it to Haggard & Halloo.

Fast forward to today.

It's 12:30 p.m. I'm in bed on my laptop watching Japan come back against Chinese Taipei in the Little League World Series (which is sooooooooooooo much better than Major League Baseball, by the way) when I decide to see what's happening at H&H. Much to my surprise, there is a picture of me on the homepage. And below that picture is my poem "Decisions Decisions."

It's always an honor to have a poem published anywhere. It's even more of an honor when it's a surprise.

Click here to read "Decisions Decisions."

Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you read this blog (and my guess is you don't), you'd know all about the Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour. It's a cool weekly event that goes down every Wednesday at the Basement Lounge in Long Beach. If you haven't read my story, Google it.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, comedian David Cross was part of the show. Wanna know what happened? Click here and my good friends at the LA Weekly and I will tell you all about what you missed.


I've never seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," and until about three months ago, I never wanted to. Then I saw the monthly screening of "The Room" at the Laemmle Sunset 5 and everyone has who seen Tommy Wiseau's epic film and the cult classic has likened the two based on the movie-going experience, not the films themselves. If "Rocky Horror" is half as good as "The Room," I'm there.

My youngest brother has been telling me about "The Room" for what feels like two years. I don't want to be the old fuddy duddy and say that his opinion didn't matter much, but he likes "Family Guy," if you know what I mean. After what felt like forever, I borrowed his DVD and watched the film. Three minutes in, I texted him to say "The Room" was the best movie I'd ever seen. Keep in mind, I'm not a movie person (kinda don't like them, actually), so for me to get this fired up says something about how awesome "The Room" is. Two days later I went to the screening and my life has literally been changed. If you go, yours will be too.

I'd try to explain the madness that is "The Room," but you just gotta go. If underage drinking, smoking pot inside movie theaters, throwing footballs inside movie theaters and hurling plastic spoons at screens sounds like a good time, you'll love "The Room."

If you need more info, click here. It's a story I wrote for the LA Weekly regarding the film and the screenings.

PS The pic is of me and Wiseau before the screening. He walks around the line to shake hands and take pics. This is us doing his patented fist-bump. Notice the guy in the wheelchair totally not caring that a picture is being taken.