Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Every kid from the South Bay -- especially those who don't do well in high school -- knows about El Camino College. It's a JC that is fairly popular in its surrounding area. I was a prime candidate to attend ECC, but like the rebel that I was, I chose to continue (or some say begin) my education at Los Angeles Harbor College.

Not attending El Camino meant missing out on a South Bay tradition, but I can now lay claim to some sort of connection to the University of El Camino as the school's English department -- fine folks that they are -- have recently published a short story and a poem of mine in the 2010 edition of Myriad.

I am the only contributor with more than one piece, so for that I am honored. I can finally say my connection to El Camino runs deeper than my dad attending classes there lots of years ago.

Click here to read my short story "Brown Eyed Girl" or here to read the poem "For Dotty."